Set the hook.

Ok. I know. We’ve all been told there are plenty of fish in the sea . . . or lake . . . or pond . . . or the little creek down the road and across the field if you know where to look.  The problem is there are SOOOO many different types of fish, how do we know which one to choose???  There are fish that like to lay low and just chill on their side of the pond, occasionally munching on algae or amoebas or whatever.  There are flashy fish who swim about flaunting their colorful fins while the other fish stare and gaze longingly.  (Or, depending on the fish, look on ravenously and devour said flashy fish whole).  There are the scum suckers who live on the bottom of these bodies of water and feed off of themselves. (Don’t lie, we’ve all dated one or two.) There’s one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. We get it. There are a lot of fish.  It’s so overwhelming! But every once in a while we find the perfect fish for us in the entire school.

I know it’s probably a little cliche for me to start my blog like this, ESPECIALLY since Kevin has sponsors who actually pay him to fish; but I sat down at my computer and my fingers took control.  However, there is no denying that Brittany is the greatest catch of his life.

And of course, he’s hers.

(I wonder what kind of bait they each cast?)

One thing I know for sure . . .

They both know how to set the hook.




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