Nicholas & Morgan

Have you ever wondered what chain of events bring two people together in the first place? Right now as I’m writing this I’m listening to the thunder outside and watching lightning streak across the sky.

I think that’s sometimes how love goes.  Two separate bodies, just slowly rolling along with their lives, and then all of a sudden some force pulls them together and WHAM!!! Their lives collide and create a friction strong enough to produce an electric current.

I could feel the electricity between Morgan and Nicholas from the moment I met them for their engagement shoot.  I think everyone in the bridal party the day of their wedding could feel it too. . .

I think Mother Nature felt it in the air too, because she let loose a light shower that day for good luck. (Mother Nature’s tears of joy?)

Mother Nature wasn’t the only mama tearing up that day. . .

The best part?  The chain of events leading up to Morgan and Nick’s big day was just the beginning.  I’m excited to say that their baby boy, Noah Jaxson Yearby, was born July 25th.  How wonderful is that?!

And it all started with just a little spark.

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